Computer attack choices don't make sense

  • Cities and Knights. I'm in last place, no city, never got a commodity card, computers are several points ahead. I also have the fewest cards. There are two computers from players who left in a 4 FFA and EVERY SINGLE TIME they get a 7 they attack me and only me. The people who left left before they laid down the pieces too so these computers have been in control since the beginning. I cannot fathom why they decide to go after me each time. I'm not even mad, I got screwed at the very beginning because the rolls were terrible and even though the computers would ask a trade and I'd have the resource, they wouldn't trade with me either.

    Are they broken?
    Is this some randomized pattern that's just statistically near impossible that they'd choose me every time?

    I haven't seen this behavior before so I know it's not default to attack last place.

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