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  • Please admit the flaw in the card stack algorithm and fix it. First of all, your stated algorithm basically randomizes the standard distribution you start with. Secondly, injecting a very frequent instance of a 7 once a player gets a sizable lead (7s to help the players behind catch up, not 7s for the one with the large lead) is not a card stack. When you start inserting extra 7s based upon point differential, it simply is not a card stack, that is just a fact.

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    @AllenInSLC no extra 7s get added. The Card stack works exactly as described in the Almnac

  • I am not saying they are extra. But without fail, every game when I am playing single player and get a good lead, there are somewhere around 5 to 8 7s in the next 8 to 12 rolls and most every one is by the AI players and I only get a 7 when I have more than 7 resources. Last game I took a 3 point lead and lost 8 resources in the next 6 dice rolls. But yes, it eventually stops... sometimes too late. My point is... a stack means the sequence is fixed and not changed (moving 7s up to a period in the sequence to help players catchup is not a set sequence). The onslaught happens every game where a large lead is established and noted on many, many reviews of this game. Also, my other point... the stated algorithm does randomize the stack and makes it not match the formal description in the game.

  • @Administrator also, the Almanac description does not match the algorithm stated on another post.

  • @AllenInSLC In other words, it is so very obvious that the stack is re-sequenced due to point differential.

  • @Administrator Just finished a game with 53 dice rolls. Not a single 10. I did read the algorithm posted by an administrator... it is basically randomized. I don't know why someone thought that algorithm would necessarily be near a "standard statistical distribution." And again, I believe the stack is set... I just believe the dice, especially 7s are moved from the starting sequence based upon points and point distribution during the game. It is too consistently observed to be pure chance. And again, sooo very many people have commented on it.

  • Please stop spamming about any dice conspiracies or related topics. We spend more than enough time explaining it to you.

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