Randomize maps

  • I keep getting the same map when I play the original game. Is there a way to get random resource and number placements? Clicking the randomize map setting doesn’t work. I purchased the base game.

  • If you purchased the base game you should be getting random maps when playing single player, custom matches with other base game owners, and auto match with random players online. I think if you play Free Matches the board may always be the same.

    If you purchased the base game recently, you may need to log out and then log back in for the purchase to register on your device. I have had to do that with some of the purchases I have made.

  • Me and my friend recently started playing and when we played, we were in the same game together but our boards were different. she got a clay but didn't have any way of getting a clay in my board but on her screen she was on clay. Why did this happen?

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