Official announcements and important news

  • Hi Catanians,

    It seem like our partners over at Steam can´t get enough of Catan Universe as they are testing quite extensively. ;) Unfortunately this means we won´t be able to release the game this week.

    We will do our best to speed up the process and get you back on Catan next week.

    Thanks you very much for your patience so far!

  • Hey Catanains,

    we just rolled out our next hotfix for the live servers. See here what we changed:

  • Hi Catanians,

    It has been about a week since the release and we want to thank you for playing our game and for the feedback we received!

    Let´s celebrate! All Catan Universe accounts will be able to take part in our “Free Seafarers Weekend”! The Seafarers expansion will be unlocked from 5.5-5.8.2017.

    We have been listening very closely to your feedback and comments and are working on fixes for some known issues you encountered. We prioritised them and are working full speed on solutions for them.

    These known issues and tasks include:

    • Non-random maps sometimes appearing in Auto-Matchmaking
    • Seemingly random AI freezes in multiplayer games especially when the AI joins as a substitute player
    • Fixing loopholes to circumvent the turn timer
    • Investigating a “lock out” in multiplayer sessions due to connectivity issues (only chat possible)
    • Integrating more visual hints on how to get access to more content in Catan Universe and general improvements to user guidance

    Have fun playing the Seafarers expansion!

  • Hi Catanains,

    Today 11.30 am [CEST] we will release a Hotfix Catan Universe. We won´t require a donwtime for it. Check out the Patchnotes here:

  • Hi Catanains,

    Today 12.00 pm [CEST] we will release the next weekly hotfix for Catan Universe. There will be a brief interruption for players on the browser-based version. You can check out the Patchnotes after the fix has been deployed here:

  • Hi Catanians,

    Today we deployed the latest hotfix. Check out the patch notes here:

  • Hi Catanians,

    did you know we post the ELO rankings of our top players each week on Facebook and Twitter? or

  • Hi Catanians,
    Thuesday is hotfix day! We will roll out the hotfix at 2:30 PM [CEST]. This may interrupt the online play in the browser version for a short time. We will do our best to keep it as short as possible. Stay tuned for the changelog.

  • Hi Catanains,

    we are aware that some useres are having issues with the game seemingly freezing. Based on your feedback and our own testing we where able to narrow down what can cause this issues. Our developers work full speed on a solution and we should be able to present you a fix for it in the upcoming hotfix. Thanks for your feedback, patience and understanding.

  • Hi Catanains,
    our developers resolved the issue regarding the CaK. bug which have lead to an apparent freeze of the game. We will roll out a fix for that at 1:00 PM [CEST].

  • Hi Catanains,
    today we will roll out our weekly Hotfix at 1:00 PM [CEST]. As usual the Browser version takes a short time to update. Thanks four your patience.

  • Hi Catanians,

    This year the Seafarer expansions celebrates its 20th anniversary! No one can tell how many islands have been settled since then but we intend to add a few more.

    Login to Catan Universe now and play the seafarers expansion for free this weekend!

    See you on the Island!

  • Hi Catanians,
    we are sorry for the downtime of the official forums. The server issues last Sunday had an involuntary impact on the forums. Our Admids worked full speed on it´s recovery and now we are back live. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • Hi Catanians,

    due to the latest events regarding our servers for the forum we will need to address an hardware issue. This means forums won´t be available tomorrow June 29th starting at about 11:00 [AM] CEST.

    After this downtime of the forums we will finally have overcome the issues from last Sunday.

    Thanks for understanding!

  • Dear Catanians,

    This Saturday, August 5th, there will be maintenance at our data center. From approx. 9 AM CEST, the forums will be unavailable during maintenance and there might be brief interruptions of the login process’ availability. The technicians will do their best to keep the interruption of the service as short as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding and have fun on Catan!

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