Official announcements and important news

  • Hello Catanians,

    The Seafarers Season has just begun! Just go to the main menu and join the competition for special prizes and the second of the four crowns!
    The Season is running until the 28th of April at 11:59 pm (CEST)! Don't forget to play at least five matches to be eligible for any rewards.
    Good luck playing and have fun, everyone!
    PS: In case the Season is not showing, try to log out and log back in!

  • Catan Universe Version 1.7.4: The Dragons are coming


    Dear Catanians,

    We are excited to share with you that we are going to release two new massive special scenarios in Catan Universe on the 5th of June!




    This release also resolves some ELO displaying issues for widescreen devices and provides general performance improvements.

  • Hi Catanians,

    Big changes ahead! In this post, we want to inform you what we are currently working on and how it will affect online play in Catan Universe.
    Catan Universe has been growing a lot since its release in 2017 and we needed to create more efficient systems to balance the server load especially in times of high demand.
    So our developers have been working for the past several weeks on a complete overhaul of the multiplayer systems of Catan Universe. We are talking about timer, stability, matchmaking, preventions of desyncs and so on.
    We are confident these changes will lead to a significant boost of the online experience for all of our Catanians.

    Once we started to rework the multiplayer systems we decided that we could add new and requested features from our community as well!
    We will share the details of these changes on all our socials and in the game during the upcoming weeks!

    We are aiming for a release of Catan Universe 1.8.0 during the next few weeks!

    See you next time and have fund on the island!


  • Hi Catanians,

    Today we'd like to introduce you to the first of the major changes in the upcoming release of Catan Universe 1.8.0.

    Starting with 1.8.0 Prestige Ranks will replace the ELO Number as the most important visible indicator for a player's skill level.

    The leaderboard will get divided into 6 different Prestige Ranks starting from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and to top it all of Grandmaster!


    In order to determine your initial Prestige Rank, we will take your ELO of the day of the update as well as 5 additional placement matches.
    Our main goal with this change is to take the edge of if a single game goes badly.

  • Hi Catanians,

    we hope you've had a good start to your week!
    Today we'd like to continue showing you the changes that will be made in Catan Universe 1.8.0!
    We received a lot of feedback from guild members that said that the guild size was to restrictive and since Catan Universe is supposed to be a game that brings players together we didn't want to let this slide and also made some additional adjustments in that regard.
    So, we've straight up doubled the size of the friends list, the block list as well as the number of members that one guild can have to 200!
    We've also changed it so players can't whisper to other players that they are currently playing with anymore and we will continue to make changes to the chat system in the future to increase the enjoyment every single game in Catan Universe is bringing you!

    The next change is the one you're actually seeing in the screenshots. With Catan Universe 1.8.0 you will be able to change the animation speed and the AI Speed in the settings of your single player games.
    This should allow veteran players that already have a good grasp of the game to significantly speed up their single player experience while allowing newer players to reduce the speed of the game so it's easier for them to follow the flow of the game.

    We hope that you'll enjoy these changes, thanks a lot for your feedback in advance and we'll see you on the island!


  • Hi Catanians,

    we are happy to announce that CATAN Universe 1.8.0 will release on Wednesday the 7th of August!
    At 11 AM (MESZ) on the day of the release there will be a couple of hours of server down time and afterwards the game will be live.
    Also here are all the changes and fixes that are coming with 1.8.0. It's worth reading them since a lot is going to change!

    New Features:

    • Complete multiplayer backend overhaul
    • New ‘ping player’ technology to minimize possible sync-issues
    • New info in versus screen: Scenario Keyword + Victory Points
    • Desktop version now shows a dice animation (similar to mobile)
    • “Network Connection” overlay now includes a “Tap to reconnect” button beneath
    • New robber overlay with additional info on who robbed you when a knight development card is played
    • New Prestige Rank system added
    • Leaderboards, win/lose screen and statistics now show the current Prestige Rank
    • Live dice statistics during game sessions

    New customization options for single-player games:

    • AI speed
    • Animation speed


    • We’ve reset placement matches for all players. All Catanians have to play 5 placement matches again to reappear on the leader board. You’ll not lose your current points! This is to ensure the leader boards show only active players.
    • Turn timer is now shown for all players, so you’ll see more details about your fellow players’ timers and you'll see your own turn timer while being in the trade screen on mobile.
    • Enhanced the turn timer’s visibility.
    • No more whispering between players in one session to ensure fair play.

    Increased capacities for:

    • Guilds - 200 members
    • Friend list - 200 members
    • Block list - 200 members

    Fixed issue:

    • Players whose usernames had been changed can now again be found on the leader board

    Special Scenarios:

    • Enchanted Land will now end properly if one player defeated 6 Dragons
    • Great Canal now has the correct scenario description
    • Special Scenarios won´t load with faulty graphics on hexagons anymore
    • All Progress Cards now work properly in Special Scenarios
    • Fixed multiple low res graphical elements on newer iOS devices

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