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    Hi Catanians,

    we updated our FAQ section here in the forums in regard to the new Season feature. If you have any questions about Seasons, check out our FAQ here:

  • Hi Catanians,

    Do you want to learn more about Seasons?

    Take a look at this short introduction video from our Catan Universe Almanach series:


  • Hi Catanians,

    We are proud to announce that Catan "Rise of the Inkas" will be available soon in Catan Universe:

    Play this brand new Catan standalone edition for the first time ever as a digital adaptation.


    Lead your tribe through 3 eras and experience a whole new dynamic gameplay as your older tribes will eventually be swallowed whole by the jungle or your ambitious opponents.


    "Rise of the Inkas" is for Catan veterans and beginners alike. It is true to the basic Catan rules but offers entirely new gameplay mechanics and challenges.

    Catan “Rise of the Inka” will be available for 500 Gold in the Catan Universe Store.

  • Hi Catanians,

    Welcome to Catan „Rise of the Inkas“.


    Experience Catan like never before.

    Lead your tribes to glory but be aware of the inevitable downfall of your former villages and cities as they might get swallowed by the jungle.

    Your ambitious opponents will take advantage of settlements you left behind and they will contest the best spots on the board.

    Learn your ways in Catan “Rise of the Inkas” with our step by step tutorial which is free to play for all our Catanians.

    See you in the Jungle

  • Hi Catanians,

    To celebrate the biggest consumer boardgame fair in Essen (Germany) we will offer all our Catanians great deals on expansions and customizations during the fair. Save 20% and more on selected items.

    Make sure to log in and check out our daily new offers for the Catan boardgame and the Avatar Sets.

    Our discounts will start on Thursday, Oct. 25th at 9 am [CEST] until Sunday.


    Please note: If you already own an item that is going to be discounted. You won’t see the discount in the in-game shop.

    You will also find info on the discounts of the day on our facebook page:

  • Hi Catanians,

    we would like to address a feedback we received quite often lately: AI Trading Habits

    We are aware of the issue that the AI is not agreeing to trades that it has offered before, and the fact that it's then continuously throwing better offers at you without accepting them either.

    This turned out to be a more intricate problem than we initially thought since it's not just a functionality bug, but instead, the AI is "consciously" deciding to not trade with other players sometimes.

    This is because of a general AI system that is being used to identify the players that the AI is currently directly competing with, e.g. because a player and the AI both have the same building option nearby or because of the current VP situation.

    However, this system is independent of trade offers, because trades can also be accepted by other players that the AI is currently not directly competing with.

    Therefore the AI sometimes makes and increases trade offers, that it then does not accept itself, because the only player that accepted the offers is a player the AI does not want to trade with due to of the current in-game situation.

    So we are currently writing, implementing and testing a new system that will streamline the way the AI evaluates offering trades while taking into account its relation regarding other player’s positions.

    Unfortunately, this does take time but we wanted to let you know that we are of course still working on this until it is sustainably fixed.

  • Dear Catanians,

    Due to the great feedback for our first Catan Season, we are very excited to announce a series of competitive Seasons called "Catan - The Emperor’s Quest"!
    So starting this December we are looking for the most skilled Catan players Catan Universe has to offer!


    In order to win the prestigious Emperor’s Crown, you’ll have to show that you're an extremely versatile Catan player that is able to master all the Catan variants we have and finish every Season in the top 1% to win every Crown necessary to earn the ultimate Crown of the Emperor!

    Of course, we will make it worth your while, as every Season is going to have great rewards even if you're not able to finish at the very top.

    We will start on December 17th with another Base Game Season to make sure everyone has a chance to participate but we will follow it up with the first Seafarer Season in spring 2019.

    Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Season soon!

    See you on the island!

  • Hi Catanians,

    Take a first look at our exclusive orient game set.
    You will be able to win the Orient game pieces, orient table and orient resource-set, including newly designed tiles for Catan Universe in the upcoming Season.


    Our top players will additionally receive a crown for their mastery in the Basegame.

    You can already check out the Orient set in your player profile today.

    Season 2 will start on Dec 17th, 2018.

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