Can’t Build a Settlement (even though I have the resources)

  • I get enough resources to build a settlement but the option won’t appear in order to build one. I can build roads and cities but never a settlement and it’s incredibly frustrating. Please help!

  • Do you already have 5 settlements built? If so, you can't build a new settlement until you upgrade one of the existing ones to a city.

  • I only have the two settlements you receive at the beginning of the game. So even though through game play I have the resources to build additional settlements, the option to do so won’t appear

  • @LemuelB2 I can only ever have two settlements, the ones you receive at the beginning (that I can upgrade to cities) but I can never have more than those two, it’s so so frustrating because I can’t build up points!

  • That's got to be a bug then. You will have to tag an @administrators here, on the Discord server, or email Be sure to give them your account info and attach screenshots showing the issue. I don't know about here, but you can attach screenshots in DM to the admin on the Discord server and in the email.

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