End game lobby to talk about the match and say youre ggs

  • I feel like a game ends too abruptly I would love a post game lobby where we can chat and say our ggs. I hate having a great really close game with a really active chat only to have it end so suddenly when someone wins. Please let us players converse about the match after the match.

    Thanks for considering my suggestion I just got into Catan and although im 30 years late I absolutely love this game

    in 1000 years they will be still playing chess, cards and catan!

  • Well you still can use chat after the game ends.
    What is really confusing that it deletes all previous messages.
    For example somebody has a win in hand, he writes something, wins, but you cannot see what he wrtoe.

  • Yeah, I think the chat function needs to be improved to strengthen the community - which would definitely be beneficial for the game too. Stronger community would mean less churn, less players abandoning the game.
    Communication with the other players is the one thing that is missing compared to the tabletop version. And the current chat is so hidden - when I get a message it just adds a small white dot. It is too small and not even red, like every single app does it. Also, as soon as I click aside to do something and play the game, the chat window disappears. Almost like the devs don't want us to chat.

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