Thief with AI

  • The AI competitors are much too easy to beat because they do not punish the leader enough with the thief. I’m ahead by 5 points and yet the AI competitors place the thief on others, not me. Please make AI more competitive.

  • I agree, sometimes the AI thief will steal constantly from one player and this can even be the one with lowest points. He should block & steal from the leader or if possible from a player that's in his way.

  • I have reported this 100 of times to Dev’s
    AI stealing behavior goes hand in hand with the forbidden action of King Making

    True situation:
    Somebody is at 8 VP’s and will possibly win next turn. AI rolls a 7 and robs a player woth 3 VP’s.

  • +1 it annoys me too. At least the Master AI should be more punishing. In cities and knights it should even bounce around the robber when it has enough wheat.

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