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  • Does anyone play card stack mode? I don't know why I do. I actually think their algorithm may be worse than pure random. Current game... I have 6 grain... key for settlements and cities obviously. After 28 rolls, I have zero, yes, zero grain (6s). There are 1 two, 3 threes, 5 fours (yes 5), 4 fives, 4 sevens, 5 eights (against zero sixes), 2 nines, 2 tens and 2 elevens! Pretty ridiculous.

  • Since I wrote the above... another 3, another ten and another 11, still no sixes.

  • The AI have now gotten four grain from 10 and 4 from fives and I have not one from a six! Had to waste 4 ore to build a settlement before I lost the spot!

  • The description of card stack from a user manual (I admit this is different than the help text IN the game): Card Stack: If you select this option, the dice roll results are simulated by means of a
    stack with 36 cards. The results obtained by rolling two dice are distributed over the
    cards, according to the statistical probabilities of numbers being rolled. For example,
    only one card has the number 12, but six cards have the number 7. At the beginning of
    each turn, a card is drawn from the stack, and the number on the card is displayed as
    the dice roll result. To avoid that the cards in the stack become entirely predictable, the
    card stack is shuffled again after 33 cards; the numbers of the last three cards are thus
    not considered.

  • I am now at 42 rolls and I have not received a single six. Administrators, please respond to this. I mean, you are charging us to purchase the game, do you not think we deserve an explanation as to why the behavior does not match the description of the mode?

  • Here is the description from the live game: Selecting this option will cause the dice rolls to be generated via a virtual stack of 36 cards that contain the possible dice results. The dice results will therefore be closer to the probability distribution which is expected after a significant number of dice rolls. Further details in the almanac.

    If this is the case, how can I have 42 dice rolls and not a single six?

  • Final results... interestingly I finally got 2 sixes which gave me a decent lead which kicked in their famous "help players behind catch up" algorithm. I then got my 6 blocked twice (probably also because I had a grain port). I lost longest road and again could not build the winning settlement. However, even though the "7 for all players but me" algorithm decimated me for 4 full rounds (20 dice rolls), I was able to get one more six and win. I got 3 sixes of 62 dice rolls. Administrators, if you are interested in factual information, I saved a screen shot. What say you?

  • FYI... this is what an administrator wrote on the other thread I started (and which they deleted because I kept posting valid results which contradicted the description of the dice mode): In order to exclude the possibility of pre-calculating the dice results that remain in the stack, and to have some variance in this dice mode as well, the card stack is generated as follows: Two virtual card stacks containing 36 cards each are generated. The cards contain the dice results of 2 six-sided dice based on their probability. The following dice results are therefore included in each stack: 2=1x; 3=2x; 4=3x; 5=4x; 6=5x; 7=6x; 8=5x; 9=4x; 10=3x; 11=2x; 12=1x. In the next step, 18 cards are removed from each stack at random. The remaining cards are shuffled into a new 36-card stack. Now, this card stack is used for the game: At the beginning of each turn, when a player rolls the dice, a card from the deck is drawn and the dice result of the card is displayed. As soon as the last card from the stack has been drawn, the stack is reshuffled and used again in the next player’s turn. I am quite sure they will delete this topic as well though I am reasonable, I would just like an explanation. But censorship I am afraid may the the preferred way of dealing will real issues?

  • I have gone through periods of only playing card stack, and for the most part it follows a more expected distribution, but occasionally I have experienced really unusual statistics as you have described.

  • @The-Boctor what about after you get a sizable lead? Because 5,6,7 7s for the AI players in the next three rounds or so happens every single time. Simply put, with the catch up algorithm does exist, which it definitely does, then the card stack is not a card stack and is miss-represented.

  • And, yet again... current game, 16 dice rolls, zero 8s. There are 2 3s, 3 5s, 4 6s 3 7s (understandable) and a couple other single occurrences and even a 12 but no 8s. They have even stated their algorithm in other posts that basic common sense and logical deduction can see is not necessarily going to give a near standard distribution. It might, by pure coincidence, but usually does not. They basically say they start with a stack of cards with the statistically set distribution but then take half out and replace them with a randomized set. Maybe seemed like a good idea? But it is basically taking a standard distribution stack and then randomizing it. Really, anyone can see that, but they don't admit the fact. You are just as well off playing random mode. At least that mode is random until their "catch up" algorithm kicks in.

  • @AllenInSLC your posts come off as really unhinged, you paid a little bit of money so you can go off on people? It’s just a glitch dude why are you posting twenty lengthy times about this, who could possibly care this much? Chill out

  • @alindhor Because it is quite frustrating, obviously present, not in keeping with their documentation and they refuse to acknowledge it. It is more of an integrity thing than the real issue itself. Wondering if you can understand that.

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