[Feature Request] - Vote Kick Option

  • There have been many games I've played online where a player has left the game but still appears as if they are present, as such, the remaining players have to wait for the timer to run out before the dice are thrown, and an automated placement occurs. This is made worse when they have been robbed and you have to wait for the automation to discard some of their resources, or for a trade.

    Additionally, I have experience, admittedly quite infrequently, behaviour from players where they get a little bit upset if something isn't going there way and then they deliberately wait until the timer has almost run out before taking their turn. This gets incredibly frustrating and, sadly, often leads to unfriendly/discourteous chat messages. Often the remaining players will then gang up on the perpetrator and effectively make things even worse.

    It occured to me that having a "vote kick" system may help to alleviate some of these behaviours. It would need a majority in order to pass, and should perhaps list a few basic reasons as to why the kick has been initiated, such as "Player has left", "Negative Behaviour" etc etc, these messages would need to be translated into the various supported langagues so that everyone who was playing knew what was going on. In the case of a failed vote, a delay should probably be put in place before the next vote can be initiated, otherwise it may become a spamming feature which would be just as annoying.

    Being voted out of a game should also penalise the kicked player from a Karma perspective in my opinion too.

    The trick to this feature would be to ensure that it couldn't be misused, it could, potentially, come at a cost of a VP for each player voting, or 50% resources or something like that. I believe most players would be happy to make some form of "payment" in order to remove players who have left the game already, reduce wait time, and enable quicker turns to take place.

    AI players who have replaced human players in the game might be a little bit more challenging. To have them always vote yes or always vote no wouldn't be very good, so a set of conditions that the AI would consider should be included.

    Vote-Kicking used to feature quite heaviliy in first person shooter games and was often used as a deterant for players who were just toxic and were there to spoil the enjoyment of the game for everyone else, either through cheating, or team killing or just being unpleasant.

    I appreciate the above isn't a fully fleshed out solution, but I'm sure a variation of the above might be of use to us. I welcome anyone elses thoughts :)

  • ... the remaining players have to wait for the timer to run out before the dice are thrown ...
    This can easily be solved when players get only 1/4 or 1/3 of playing time to throw the dice, when they have thrown they will get full time to finish the turn.

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