Bug in System? Opponents Both Quit and My ELO Drops and Their's Increases?

  • I am writing to inquire as to a potential bug that exists in the ELO ranking system when all opponents leave the game. I just recently completed a three player base Catan game where both of my opponents quit due to an early lead I had built up. The first opponent to quit was replaced by an AI player but when the second player quit it ended the game. It determined that I was the winner, however when looking at ELO rank changes I had lost 7 points, the second place player (who quit) gained ~1 point, and the last place player (who quit) gained 7 ELO points. How is this possible? I have screenshots of the game and final score if this helps. There are two requests I have:

    1. Can my ELO score be adjusted properly to account for my win, or at the very least, not have my account lose 7 points?
    2. Can you determine if this is a bug in the system?

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