Rise of the Inka Bug

  • Hey guys, I don´t know if this has already been reported or if it happened to someone else but we found a bug in the Rise of the Inka expansion. The problem we had is that when the person with the largest army activates the ability to move the thief can´t roll the dice after moving the thief as it kicks the player out after clicking the button to roll the dice. We tried it twice to make sure it wasn´t a one time thing but we had the same problem in both of the occasions. It crashes the game so much that even when the player disconnects and the AI takes over, even it can´t roll the dice.
    Thanks in advance!

  • @diegokb I had the same bug 2 times with a friend in a Custom game.
    I also did a thread in the german group about it.

    Do you also had the problem that the KI is useless in the Inka-game? Because doesen´t matter if it´s expert or veteran, it wont get to the "second age".

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Sinth0ras I never got to try the game with bots so I'm not sure if I have that problem also.
    Did you get any replies on the German thread?

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