Rigged games by developer

  • Hi,

    Regardless of the facts that dice rolls are static every single game to keep rolling a certain player's number and regardless of the fact that a player leaves but AI keeps attacking the weak player that is not meant to win, so it's 2vs1 blatantly. Regardless of the fact that when x12 7 rolled in a game by AI and other player and all used against 1 player who has never been in the lead the whole game.
    Regardless of the card distribution that a certain player can get x7 merchant card in a row while the other player consistently receiving the robbing cards.

    So, can you confirm that the game is random and not altered by an algorithm to 'balance' game outcome?

    I am talking about City&Knights game only.

    Here is a fine example how an outcome of a game is blatantly altered.




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