Catan Extension rules in real play don't match Catan Universe rules

  • Hi everyone. Does anyone noticed this? In the rulebook when playing with others in real life, it says the special building phase can be done by all the players, they can't use maritime trade nor use development cards or trade with other players. The only rule of this that applies in Catan Universe is that you can't trade with other players. Also, not everyone has an opportunity to do this, just the 3rd player to the left to the active player. Is this on purpose? Will Catan Universe eventually apply the real rules? Or these rules are only applied in Catan Universe and will not apply in real life and that is how it is and period?

  • Yes, it's a new rule for 5-6 players developed by Klaus Tuber(?) that is supposed to speed up play. Personally, I like the old special build phase better and that's what I will continue to use in offline games.

    It's also weird because you can win if you get your VP when you are the second builder.

  • Awesome thank you! Also, where did you see this rule developed by Klaus Teuber? Is there a new booklet of rules? If so, would you mind sharing, I can't find it. Thanks in advance :)


    Here's the announcement on the Catan site regarding the new special build phase.

  • Awesome thank you so much!

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