Explorers and Pirates Fish For Catan

  • Hi everyone. I have a small question on this expansion. Let's say there is a ship that is adjacent to two fishing areas. One fishing area says to roll a 1 and the other to roll a 2. First question, that means that I can roll twice to see if I can produce fish on each area right?
    And second question, do I have to declare (I want to produce in the fishing area with a 1 and therefore I have to roll a 1) or I just have to roll twice and if I roll 1 or 2 then I will produce fish on either one (without declaring one specific one). This second option would be easier to produce fish as increases your chances of rolling 1 or 2 on two turns than rolling 1 on one turn or rolling 2 on another turn.

    Would someone please clarify this. Thanks in advance

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