Cities and Knights, didn't win when scoring 13 victory points

  • So, the other day something strange happen. Let's say I was player 1 among 4 players in total. I had 12 VP and it was Player 3 turn. Player 3 rolled the dice, and with that roll, the barbarians arrived Catan and I had the most active knights on the board. I was awarded the defender of catan VP card. I scored that moment 13 VP. However, I didn't win until I rolled the dice (after Player 3 and Player 4 ended their turns). I was wondering if that is a C&K rule that you can only win in your turn? Or is it a glitch in Catan Universe? Does anyone have seen this before?

  • Yes, you can only win on your turn. I have had it where I get the VP I need to win just after I pass the dice and another player gets the VP they need on their turn before it gets back to me, so I lose.

  • Awesome. Thank you!

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