When all other players quit the game I lose ELO pts as if I had come in last place... happens every time.

  • undefinedI"m playing 3 player The Game version, and when the two other players leave the game early, even if it says I came in first, I lose ELO points as if I had come in last place. This has happened 3 times now. I've paid closer attention to my ELO score before and after each game and my ELO is in fact going down when this happens. Doesn't seem fair that the player who quits gain's ELO???

  • As mentuioned in the other forum section:

    This is a display bug that will be fixed in the next update. In this case (you are the last human player in a MP game), the Elo score is shown in the wrong order - however, the scoring is correct in the backend and your Elo score will increase. You can verify this in your character profile after the game. Only the score display in the end screen is showing the wrong scores.