Base game is not letting place settlements - I had to quit

  • This happened today, in BAse game.

    I logged in (around 04:17 - 04:22 CET, summer time, 15May 2021) in Catan Universe to play a few games. I use a firefox browser in windows OS.
    Username: Corsair2018

    I logged in and tried to play a basic board game, in Free Game. However, the game was not working properly. Specifically:
    Game 1:

    In the beginning of the game, when you place the settlements, the map did not who the available places. Even if you could place the settlements, we could NOT place the roads. We players were forced to wait for the clock to finish, so that the game would place the roads at random
    It was not possible to see the status of my players and the other players (what appears on the top, as points, resource cards, special cards bought, longest road, etc...) The image simply didnot appear.
    I could not even play the dice. The dice button did not work. After a turn or so, I decided to leave.

    Game 2:
    While I could place the settlemnts oneof the players quit early and was replaced by a AI. But it would take a lot to decide and play. When the other player quit in rage, I was left the winner, when we had not even played a couple of rounds.

    Game 3:
    Exactley the same problems as game 1: impossibility of choosing where to put placements or roads, and and we could not see the situation of our resourses or the oether players. I decided to quit, rather than playing in the dark.

    The 2 exits have certainly hurt the Karma situation. But this was because the game was working wrong, and made it impossible to play. I would like for these games to be anuled, please.
    Also, regarding game 3, that I "won" because all the players quit in a rage, I would like for the reulst also to be annuled.

    Thank you