Purchased 1700 coins but all gone next day except credit card debit

  • I have been sending you many emails regarding the above issue. Nobody is replying to my concerns via support@catanuniverse.com.

    What is going on. I am asking for a refund of my double payment. The first payment first was working out just fine. But the next day the remaining coins had disappeared from my account and so did my purchases. My card was charges 2 times though!

    I need you to refund my first payment.. i am very dissapointed this your fraudulent behavior and terrible customer service. We are a family that has purchased almost all of your board games.. and now to be ripped off is very sad.

  • administrators

    @Prabhu-and-Bastian could you please send us an email to catanuniverse@usm.de and please include the receipts you got. I am sure we will be able to help.

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