The game isn't working anymore

  • I'm playing on an iMac via Steam with 4GB of RAM. The game for the past four weeks has been jamming up, the timer still counting down, but can't place pieces down. I got a city ready to put down and the game won't let me place the city. Shows me the option but nothing happens. Then the timer has counted down (so it's not frozen), missed my turn. Someone gets the robber and my chance is gone. Talk about a major disable.

    It's not about winning the game, it's about being able to PLAY the game. It's been frustrating and depressing since I love Catan but can't play the board game due to pandemic restrictions.

    The game isn't working anymore!

    It's rare I can play a complete game without problems. Either I quit because the game fails or the game kicks me out for no reason, and my ELO has dropped by 100 points now. :(

    Does anyone from the game developer care? If so, how do I reach out and show them examples of the game just not working?

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