Enchanted land rules & almanac

  • Hi All,
    I am new to Cities and Knights, and I absolutely cannot figure out how the Enchanted Land special scenario works. I have "fought" lesser knights on the island, only to have my knight disappear. Some random dragon will show up with the (green) option to "activate knight," but when I click on it nothing happens, even when I have multiple grain, sheep, and ore.
    Also, I can rarely get a knight onto the island. I'll have active knights, which are able to move, and have a metropolis, but I can't move them onto the island. I have Politics lvl 3 too.

    I feel like this scenario has software errors in it.
    And where on Earth are the actual rules for the game? The tiny little in-game blurb is not any help at all. I've searched all over, but can't find any detailed rules!

  • At least 2 annoying bugs were introduced with the last release.

    1. Fighting a lesser knight on the island then not being able to reactivate it . If you exit the game on your next turn, then re-enter you can then activate your knight.

    2. Seeing resources appear then disappear. Intermittently, then the correct resources appear. The disappearing resources are from the next dice roll.

    The animations seem out of phase.

    Re not being to move a knight to the island.— for me that’s generally meant that something is blocking me.

    I don’t know where to find rules as I learned this years ago in the old Catan world. Good luck.

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