Cannot get a game.

  • I was a freebie player until the tournament mode showed up in beta. Thinking that looked interesting I purchased the basic game.

    With the free game option I was always able to get a game going. However now I can almost NEVER get into a game. 50% of time I am the only player, the other 45% of the time it can find a second player. And I don’t see that I can now join a “free” game anymore either. I’d like my money back so that I can at least enjoy a game...

  • I've noticed that for some reason, on a Friday or Sunday night, I can't connect to a three player game either, just keeps trying and I think to myself, 'how is this possible, during a pandemic, on a Friday night... no one.. is.. available?'

    It's weird.

  • Please both check your filter settings. if friends or guild is active you will have a hard time finding opponents. Depending on your devices you will have to scroll down to see all filters available.

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