7 algorithm again

  • Third game in a row. If I have a 6 and no 8 or an 8 and no 6, for three straight games, they have rolled 3 and 4 straight of the high odds spot I don't have. And... for three games in a row, because I couldn't build because of it, I rolled a 7 on my turn and had to throw away resources. Last game... I got the resource and then player before me rolled a 7 and I had to through away, got the resource the turn after mine and then the player where I would have had another chance to build rolled a 7 again! Threw away resources that they wouldn't roll and finally did twice in three rolls. There are multiple problems here. First of all, the true expanded version (5/6 players) allows for a building phase after every roll. Secondly, their algorithm is clearly such that if the non-AI player gets over 8 resources, they have to roll a 7 on their turn (early in the game... not every time later but definitely to start a game). Last game, expanded, I threw away over 40 resources. I refuse to play with 6 players because the resources thrown away are even worse. This is all in "card stack" mode which according to their description, they don't even come close to the description with their algorithm. Current game, 17 rolls, no 8... finally got enough to trade 4 for 1 to trade for the missing 8 resource but have to throw it away. The algorithm is ridiculous.

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