Stuck on rejoin *FIX* without needing admin help!

  • Hey guys, I just figured out how to resolve a super frustrating issue. I was in the middle of a game and suddenly everything froze. O tried restarting the app and it took me to the rejoin page. Every time I tried restarting my app (even 12 hours later) I was still stuck on that page.

    But I figured out the solution WITHOUT needing admin help!

    Disclaimer: you need to do these steps very fast.

    1.close the app. 2. reopen it. 4.clicking on your character icon/username at the home screen. 5. Select log off.

    The game will take you to "rejoin" that game your stuck on. Only this time, your username will be changed to John Doe.

    Restart the app one more time.
    Sign in.
    voila! You are back to playing again!
    Good luck, I hope this helps!

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