Sick of the bogus catchup/7 algorithm, just sick of it

  • Folks, I do not understand why there is not more feedback on this topic. Do not that many people play single user? I read a review at the app store where they were disgusted by this. I just played a game earlier today... got longest road or Harbor master, don't remember which but I did write down the 7 onslaught after taking a 3 point lead. 4 sevens in the next 6 rolls! I was stolen from 3 of the 4, blocked all four and had to throw away resources once. I just paused a game I am in the middle of to post this. I just built longest road and took a 3 point lead again. The next two dice were 7s and three of the next 4! I got a single resource between the second and third 7... I think so they could steal it on the next 7. This is utterly ridiculous. It happens every, single, time. It is ridiculous. And admins, you never admit to the algorithm though we all know this happens. No feedback. If they believed firmly this algorithm was a good thing or a right thing they would defend it, explain it. And... while I am on the subject of quality... they still don't show stats on the 5/6 player game. They still preview the next dice roll in the display. And... they won't even acknowledge these bugs when reported.

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