Kicked for taking too long 3 times

  • So... I was just playing a C&K game and as I'm fairly new to the online game I had no idea there was a rule that kicks you out of the game after running out of time 3 times...

    I feel this rule is totally bogus... I was literally 1 round from winning the game and needed some time to check my options to make sure i couldn't finish this round and also block my direct opponent... not being able to finish my move in 90 seconds would have been punishment enough. 3 times of running out of time in a 60-90 minute game is really not that unrealistic, especially in a C&K game where you have lots of options to consider.

    I understand that there needs to be a system in place against people that purposely let their timer run out, but please adjust this system a bit... make it 3 times in 10 turns or 3 times in a row... 3 random time-outs when you use very little time in most other turns just makes no sense.

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