Several suggestions to Gameplay & Multiplayer online

  • Dear Developers,

    I've played Catan Universe a little bit now and a few things that I've noticed that should be readily available (Was in an old version of Catan).

    For example:
    I would like the option to trade resources vs a 'unknown resource'.

    • My 2x ore's for 2x "?"
      What people now do is offer 2 resources vs nothing. which means you can NEVER directly accept this trade. (i.e. they are requesting counter offers), but this is circumventing the actual issue. The issue to instantly see what another person counter offers.
      *Let the player choose what resources he offers without having to counter offer which also brings me to my next point. *

    The counter offering & trading in general does looks nice, but accepting and counter-offering isn't very clear aside from the very very small icons.
    Can you show the trade as a visual presentation near their avatars?
    (the old catan version of windows 95/98 had this and made it very clear what was being trade) - Not sticking to old ways, but it was just much clearer. the Design was better.

    • the current system slows down the gameplay, you have to individually look at the counter offers

    • hard to see how many resources of one is being offered

    • if 2 players propose a counter offer you cannot look at both options at the same time, by indicating visual representations of what is offered & requested near their avatars, you can instantly show all the counter offers at once.

    • Better representation of the Knight & Longest road victory points

    • victory point in general (like hover over an avatar or click the victory point to see where they got their victory point from)
      ( # of cities, # of towns, Victory point mountain if this is still in the game , i don't know because only have the free version),

    **About Multiplayer Online **

    • I would suggest creating an access pass for all content OR
    • Allow people to gain ingame currency to purchase "new avatars, clothing for avatars, content, cooler city skins etc" whatever you can think of.
      Allowing people to gain ingame currency (gold coins) by playing a lot actually maintains a great population of player at all times. The current system of having to buy everything except the single free map actually scares people away instead of trying to build your player base.
      This will most likely increase your revenue as well rather than decrease it, there are always people that want to play with their friends on that specific map or get access to "stuff" quickly.

    I hope these suggestions might help improve the game, Cause right now I don't want to ask anyone to play this catan because simply the "free version" isn't enough to get people interested.

  • Oh and some more statistics would be nice:

    • Resources stolen
    • Resources lost to rover
    • Resources traded
    • Resources missed out on due to blocked tile