How to block being matched with player (iPad)

  • How do I block being matched with a player? I used to be able to select the player during the game and block them in the future. I didn’t/don’t need to use it very often, but I don’t want to play with abusive people. Ignoring the chat isn’t helpful because you often want to communicate with the other player, or even if you don’t look at it you know there is hate spewing from the rude player when you get a chat notification. I’m not looking to ban the player; I just want to avoid playing with them in the future.

  • You can still block them during the game. I just answered this on the Discord server. Long clicking on the player's avatar should bring up the report, mute, block options during game play. At the end of the game the options should display next to the player avatar on the stats page. You can block them outside the game too, but it is a lot more difficult. You basically have to add them to your friends list to get the option to block them.

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