AI won’t finish their turn, game is stuck

  • I’m playing Rise of the Inka with AI and it’s stuck on the AI’s turn. They moved the robber into the jungle and now the game is stuck, I restarted the app twice and it’s still frozen. My username is ria_oaks, is it possible to unfreeze the game or did I lose it?

  • administrators

    @ria_oaks we are aware of that issue and it will be resolved in the next update

  • I'm also having the same issue. Help please!!!

  • The same thing happened to me three games in a row. Rise of the Inka, single-player game (myself vs. 3 A.I. opponents). The A.I. opponent was in possession of the "Mightiest Combat Arts Advantage Card," and used this ability to chase the robber back the jungle before the start of their turn. After moving the robber, that A.I. opponent did not continue to roll the dice to proceed with their normal turn. There was no way to continue the game without the A.I. opponent taking the action of rolling the dice after chasing the robber to the jungle by using the "Mightiest Combat Arts Advantage Card." Note: this was not a problem when A.I. opponents played a "Combat Arts Card" that they had purchased from the Development Card deck. It was specifically a problem when invoking the advantage of owning the Inka version of the "Largest Army" advantage. This happened three games in a row. I quit each game and was able to start a new game each time. I just was not able to complete a game in which this advantage was invoked by an A.I. opponent. Thank you for helping fix this bug.

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