Dice getting more and more ridiculous

  • Seems the dice are getting worse and worse. Each game one number seems to be anointed and is rolled a statistically unlikely amount of times. Just played a game where 5 was rolled more than double any other number and not one 9 rolled in the entire game. When this happens all strategy is lost, it's just down to luck of picking that special number.

  • Ya the dice RNG is VERY BAD and ruins the game. 3 or 4 numbers just roll over and over and over in each game, thus anyone on whatever hot numbers happen to be for that game win in a landslide mean while no one else gets any cards. I just had 27!!!!!!!!!! 7's in one game mean while 5 6 and 8 9 rolled under 7 times each PLEASE CHANGE THIS AND FIX THE GAME!

  • I created a post on this and it got deleted. I think it is because I posted real occurrences, counts and statistics over several games. They have no answer and don't want to fix it and so they would have to be honest about a) their catchup algorithm (onslaught of 7s for AI players once you get a decent lead) and b) their real card stack algorithm (they documented it in my post that was deleted) where they do a standard distribution and then remove half and replace with random effectively making it random so it is not nearly like their game documentation description.

  • @AllenInSLC I had the same experience, that my post was deleted when I posted evidence with links to prove that dice rolls were not random at all but engineered to favour a single player.
    Developer does not care to fix the game and refuses to communicate regarding feedbacks.
    They should be sued to take money for a purposely flawed game.

  • @goldfishii yes i have noticed the same phenomena especially with C&K. The dice seems to be less buggy in seafarers and the base game. Hence i stopped playing c&k, the developers dont seem willing to accept there is a problem with the dice in c&k plus some other game errors, and it wont be fixed. My suggestion is to ditch c&k, rather play seafarers or the base game. Less bugs.

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