Feedback Catan Universe

  • There’s some feedback that I want to leave on this topic and I was wondering if people agree, the devs could pick this up.

    1. Getting matched vs. duo players. I sometimes come across two players whereas i’m with one random (2v1v1). They usually make absurd trades with each other since they communicate about this. I hope the devs can change this (or allow us to decide whether we want to queue up with teams)

    2. Cosmetic. I would’ve liked if we could at least show off our custom pieces (cities, streets and villages) globally. What I mean by that is, allow us to all have seperate skins. At the end of the day people love to show off what they own, whether earned or bought. This would make custom skins way more attractive imo.

    3. Map selection. Before queueing up for Catan you can pick a map. Sometimes when I pick a certain map the game still places me in another that I unselected. This forces me to leave a game and reduces my karma. I would’ve liked to have a certain timer until a random map is given. I now placed get instantly to a random map which is kinda unfortunate.

    What do you guys think of these changes? Hope to hear your input so that the devs could apply these changes.

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