Suns? Where do I get them?

  • Ok, I can't seem to find any instructions for basic stuff. Trying to play the game, says I need a sun. What is a sun? Where do I get a sun? Where are the answers written to basic questions like this?

  • The app has an almanac you can search for some of the answers, though it isn't nearly complete. There is a FAQ page here in the site. There's this board and the Discord server where people will try to help.

    The suns are shown in the upper right corner near the store. It will show how many you have of each type (red & gold). The red suns get used up and have to be used before the gold suns. The gold suns recharge after 12 hours. You use suns to unlock single player mode for game expansions you have not purchased yet.

    To use a sun, I think you have to start a single player game and pick the expansion you want to play. It should come up with a confirmation window asking if you want to use a sun. You click "yes", the game starts and you have one less sun available. I'm not completely sure on this because I already own all the expansions and can't check.

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