Road disappeared when turn timer ran out

  • On my turn, I was about to place a road. I add wood & brick in my hand, and my turn was about to end. I tried placing the road at the last moment, and what happened is: I got a popup that my turn ended, my road wasn't placed, but my wood & brick disappeared. I looked at the background of the game (that shows how many roads I have left), and it's as if I bought a road but it wasn't placed anywhere... Didn't really have time to debug it any further because I won the next round :smile:.

    I guess what happened is that when building a road it first takes the material, and then builds the road on the board. When the turn timer runs out it sort of interrupts the turn, and it interrupted after I used the material but right before the road was built. It's also possible that it's just a visual glitch (so my road was build but I didn't see it), but IDK.

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