Camera issues

  • Periodically, when I'm playing, the camera will either zoom WAY OUT or, more often, as far IN as it can possibly go. And I'm not sure how to adjust it. For what it's worth, I'm just using my laptop's built in mouse. Sorry if this has already been posted, but it's super frustrating. Thanks!

  • First thing to check is if you have the auto zoom and center feature turned on. Though I think you would probably notice it more if it is on.

    In the game, go to settings, game, and look for the auto camera move and zoom boxes - make sure they are not checked.

    If that's ok then you my be inadvertently rolling the mouse wheel. That controls the zoom. If I remember correctly, clicking and holding the left mouse button then dragging controls pan. Clicking and holding the center mouse button then moving up and down controls th board tilt.

  • I'm not sure about the touch pad controls - they vary a bit from one computer model to another. If your touch pad has a scroll bar that will probably control the zoom. If your touch pad can recognize two finger input it may work similar to the phone controls.

    For zoom, two fingers pinch together or slide apart horizontal. For board tilt, two fingers even spaced while dragging up and down. For pan, hold down the left pad button and drag one finger.

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