Even things up algorithm - it is real, everyone knows it, frustrating, but still there.

  • This weekend I played two ridiculously frustrating games where I was on the verge of winning and had to endure like 5 or 6 rounds of ridiculous 7s by the AI players along with monopolies where they stole the resources I needed to win like 4 times! I didn't post anything because I ended up winning. However, I went to the app store and looked at reviews and the top most review was about the "catchup" or "even things up" algorithm. I am posting now because I just lost two straight games where the AI players came from three victory points back... had my triple 9 grain (most recent loss) the entire time I was on 9 victory points so I could build neither a settlement or city and lost! I had longest road by three roads before the ridiculous algorithm took over and ended up losing because I lost longest road and never built another settlement or city. What gets me is people keep pointing out how obvious it is that they change the supposed "card stack" based upon the point differential but they do not have the integrity to acknowledge it or respond or comment on it at all. They just keep frustrating us/

  • @AllenInSLC Did you ever get a response??

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