Wall of shame: post the cheater’s names here

  • Are you as frustrated as I am with the cheaters who join as 2 players in the same game? These players often select unusual but complimentary starting positions. They go on to trade themselves whatever they need, often 4:1, 5:1, or more. Usually when you get to see their ELO rating at the end of the game they are almost identical because they have been climbing the ranks in tandem.

    This is the tread to shame these cheaterss. Here are the ones I’ve encountered, SHAME:

    Lola Carola, Harmanso, and Iniguez
    Bike and Play, jins2020
    Let’s all have fun. ( can’t remember his partner alias)

  • Yes, I know the feeling. I have just come around these 2 ELO manipulating cheaters. ConsuCabin and tarastar123.
    When one of them could win easy, he has delayed the the game for the other player to steal my longest road to ensure he comes second, so they have both gained ELO while I was lossing a lot. They have kept attacking me only the whole game as well very blantantly.
    Final robbing stats:
    I was robbed 10 times, ConsuCabin was robbed 3 times (by me), tarastar123 was robbed once (by me).
    All you can do is add them cheaters to your blocked player list until they will have noone want to play with them, so they will have to play against AI only.

  • Thanks for posting, it’s nice to have a running list for people to block these cheaters. I’m a little miffed at why they are not banned, but i don’t know if admin are able to verify the obvious cheating or what they can see behind the scenes.

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