• I was in a 4 player game where everyone else left left. Needed 20 point to win, I had 13 points, second player had 9, the other 2 players had 3 points.
    1st player (me) -10.25
    2nd -10.92
    3rd +7.88
    4th +12.90

    So basically, the losing players gained ELO, and the winning one lost a lot of ELO.

    Either fix this bug, or if you need me, I can teach you basic math.

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    I've checked your account and the game's log file in the backend. It seems to be a display error that wrongly displayed the numbers by aligning them to the wrong players - basically upside down. You were awarded the correct number of Elo gains with +12,9 and the correct XP for winning in the backend.

    I've forwarded this to the dev team to fix. The numbers are OK but displayed upside down next to the wrong players - that is certainly confusing and needs to be adressed.

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  • @Administrator

    This same thing has happened to me; I’m in a three player game, the other two players quit or leave; and my ELO drops as if I came in 3rd. My ELO count indeed goes down by the amount shown. It’s happened twice and I took screen shots if you’d like to see them. Thanks SpaceX99

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