Feedback from a newcomer

  • Thank you for putting your technical skills toward the development of this game. It has made my last three months of COVID quarantine bearable. A few points of feedback:

    1. Please fix the algorithm for the dice so that they at least SORT OF resemble statistical reality. In one of my games yesterday, there wasn’t a single 9, yet there were twelve 10s, eight 11s, and four 12s.

    2. Let players choose a backup color. When two or more players have the same color, the computer assigns one of them a different color for the match. Can you please add a way for players to say, “If I can’t be blue, please make me purple.”? I have a hard time seeing details on the screen in certain colors.

    3. Karma. I like the idea of losing karma points for repeatedly bailing on games, but there is more than one way to bail. When a player abandons a game so that everyone else has to sit through three rounds of the timer, that player should automatically lose a karma point. Players who actually sign off to quit a game shouldn’t be penalized unless they do so repeatedly. AND their karma should be restored once they’ve sat through a full game.

    4. Please institute a rule that if a player has not rolled the dice or played a knight card within the first ten seconds of their turn, AI will take over that turn for them.

    5. Create a “high speed” option where each player’s turn (AFTER selecting initial settlements) is limited to a MAX of 30 seconds.

    Thank you again!

  • administrators


    Thanks for your feedback and we're glad to provide some distraction during these challenging times.

    As for the dice: In single-player and custom games you can select dice mode card stack to get a more uniform distribution of rolls in a single game. Otherwise, dice are completely random, and therefore results like you described can happen - checking this article here is a good start if you'd like to dive deeper into statistics and probabilities:

    I'll forward your feedback.

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