Catan Universe Update_5 en 10.2.2016

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    Hi Catanians,

    This week’s update includes two important planned changes to the technical backend and game engine. As mentioned in the status update last Friday we’re going to focus on implementing improvements based on user feedback in the next updates. These will improve the flow of the game.

    Fixed issues:

    • Issue that players in some situations do not win in their round.

    • Issue that players could not leave guild screen in all cases

    • Avatar build is saved persistently

    • Issue with alchemist progress card

    Newly added functions or improvements

    • Costum-Match now features a “friendly robber” option

    • General performance improvements due to reworked scene display, e.g. performance improvements in avatar / player profile screens

    • We’ve enabled data cache for the browser version. This option is currently active for Firefox browsers and should decrease loading times significantly. We’re working on enabling this option for other browsers as well.

    Please Note: If you already downloaded a patch for the client and recive the error message 1642, please uninstall the Catan Universe and load the newest version from our website:

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