Robber 'gives away' the next dice roll !

  • I 've noticed that the resource counts sometimes briefly show seemingly arbitrary numbers. An example of this is: I have no grain and 1 stone. The robber is placed on a tile of mine and the takes the 1 stone. BUT while this is happening, for a second I appear to have 2 wheat, but this quickly reverts to 0. it can look like the robber stole 3 resources instead of 1 . Along with resources appearing a fraction before the dice are rolled this is very confusing.
    Paying more attention to this issue though it seems like the resources that briefly appear actually belong to the NEXT TURN! In the example above, the next dice roll did give me 2 wheat. This makes is seem like the dice rolls are being pulled form a pre-generated list rather than created at each turn. Doesn't create a 'genuine' feeling at all.

    Please fix this along with the timing of incrementing resource counts, (they appear too early) It's hard to trust the game when the counts are poorly sequenced and exhibit bugs like this one.

  • @MilitiaMouse I can confirm this bug. One of many. Another is that on 5-6 player, they don’t display player stats. Well, they do for one player and no more.

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