• It is frustrating seeing how the dice rolls give the AI players all the resources and you get nothing. Rolling a number for more than 5 consecutive times when the system knows that you don't have the number is ridiculous. Love the game but it's not worth it to play this way. And the 7??? where can you see a 7 rolled more than 5 times in a row. I've waited more than 10 turns for one of my numbers to come up and get a resource, COME ON!!!! it's a great game but don't ruin it this way. Please make the game fair and more enjoyable, FIX IT!

  • Please fix the dice roll, PLEASE!!!!

  • So viele Spieler schreiben das gleiche, wann tut ihr hier endlich was????

  • Leading 11-5 in a 14 point game and never saw another resource.

    Put all the player skill you want into the AI, but RANDOMIZE THE DICE.

  • Also, when the human player leads, he’ll get sevened every time he goes over seven resources.

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