• It is frustrating seeing how the dice rolls give the AI players all the resources and you get nothing. Rolling a number for more than 5 consecutive times when the system knows that you don't have the number is ridiculous. Love the game but it's not worth it to play this way. And the 7??? where can you see a 7 rolled more than 5 times in a row. I've waited more than 10 turns for one of my numbers to come up and get a resource, COME ON!!!! it's a great game but don't ruin it this way. Please make the game fair and more enjoyable, FIX IT!

  • Please fix the dice roll, PLEASE!!!!

  • So viele Spieler schreiben das gleiche, wann tut ihr hier endlich was????

  • Leading 11-5 in a 14 point game and never saw another resource.

    Put all the player skill you want into the AI, but RANDOMIZE THE DICE.

  • Also, when the human player leads, he’ll get sevened every time he goes over seven resources.

  • Funny, I just logged on to comment about their "even things up" algorithm. This weekend I played two ridiculously frustrating games where I was on the verge of winning and had to endure like 5 or 6 rounds of ridiculous 7s by the AI players along with monopolies where they stole the resources I needed to win like 4 times! I didn't post anything because I ended up winning. However, I went to the app store and looked at reviews and the top most review was about the "catchup" or "even things up" algorithm. I am posting now because I just lost two straight games where the AI players came from three victory points back... had my triple 9 grain (most recent loss) the entire time I was on 9 victory points so I could built neither a settlement or city and lost! I had longest road by three roads before the ridiculous algorithm took over and ended up losing because I lost longest road and never build another settlement or city. What gets me is people keep pointing out how obvious it is that they change the supposed "card stack" based upon the point differential but they do not have the integrity to acknowledge it or respond or comment on it at all. They just keep frustrating us.

  • @Doc-B. Fact.

  • What you are about to read is a real time fact. I just started another game after the post above. Playing extended against AI with 5 players. I was ahead 8-4. Since then, in four rounds (5 players, 20 dice), I have had double brick 9 blocked twice and triple six wood blocked twice and in between a knight blocking me and stealing once. On the turn before my building phase when I could have built next, a Knight was played on me and then the player after whom I got a building phase got the 5th straight 7 since I had a 7 and blocked me and stole from me again. Someone have the integrity to explain/respond to this... please... any administrator.

  • @AllenInSLC Oh, and I have double 3 ore, double 10 ore, double 12 ore and single 4 ore along with 6,5 and 11 grain and have only built one city. Can you guess why? And administrators... please do not censor this post. I am not using capitalization or extensive punctuation. I am simply stating facts and asking for an account.

  • Update to the game documented above. The player that has gotten most of the 7s and had 4 victory points when I was at nine... just took longest road from me... because I have lost 4 roads to having my wood and grain blocked and the game is not tied 7-7. Oh, and the player that rolls before my building phase, just rolled a seven and I had to throw away 4 resources just before my building phase.

  • Hi all
    I understand your frustrations as I have experienced the same.
    I have tried different game strategies but the end result is the dice favours the AI players.
    I truly hope that the administrators/developers of the game look into this because it is a great board game to play in real time with family and friends but the online version is "RUBBISH".

  • developer will never admit they have altered the game. They should be taken to court, requested to present their algorithm and once proven they lie through their teeth, they should be ordered to refund every single player for taking their money for a purposley flawed game.

  • Please fix the dice rolls. We all chat during the games about unfair they are. Certain games are normal rolls but then about half the games are so radical with the roll distribution that it doesn’t mimic the frequency of that occurrence in real life.

    Then the bots step in and attack the highest ranked player to give lower ranked players an advantage. Then u get players who do cheat trades with bots.

    The entire dynamic of of those situations is very frustrating for the hardcore players who play a couple games a day. Please fix them.

  • Just played in a game where I was in last place and bot proposed a trade of 1 brick for 1 sheep. I accepted. It rejected me and then gave the guy leading by 4 pts a 2 brick for 1 sheep trade. Of course, I’m ranked the highest in the game so the not discriminates to give lower ranked players the advantage. This happened 2-3 times with this bot until the other guy won. Then his ELO slingshots by 15 and mine goes down 8. What kind of BS algorithms are y’all creating?!

    Fix it!

  • Even with card stack, the AI always knows what the next roll will be, and uses it to cheat.
    Play some card stack games and you'll notice that the following happens a majority of the time you're ahead:

    1: AI rolls a 7 or plays a Knight.
    2: AI picks a hex that you have settled.
    3: On the very next roll of the game, the dice will reflect the number of the hex that was just blocked.

    Making the AI cheat instead of making it smarter is lazy and makes for an unenjoyable game.

  • The dice roll distribution problems seem far less common in the all-humans games. Wonder why that is?

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