German -> English translation option

  • I can't follow most of the topics in this forum because I do not spear nor read German. There should be a "translation" option so We English only speaking people can understand as well....(just sayin...):confused:

  • I can understand your point @Todd_Z .

    But don't worry, you don't miss that much. Basically it is 95% the same as in the english Forums: Complaining about CU, wanting Playcatan back, reporting Bugs, asking for help with certain issues, giving Feedback and making suggestions.

    The only thing that is really different is the Word-game someone startet in the Off Topic Section.

  • But this is easy to follow for non-German speakers who want to join this word game for fun: e.g. bookmark That is a fantastic multi languange dictionary. Maybe it will even improve your German knowledge :)
    ... and we do not mind if you find an English expression to add. Another helpful link is - here you can put in a syllable and find words. Next to the German explanation there also an English dictionary.

  • If you use Google Chrome there is a translation feature and it will translate the page for you.

    Oddly enough I can view the forums in Google Chrome but not firefox, which doesn't have that optioin anyway.


    Looking forward to 2/18

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