7 algorithm do card stack like you say it is please

  • I haven’t posted for months but I have to now. I always play (single player) in card stack mode because it is too frustrating to play otherwise! But their card stack is not really a card stack. It is not preset. If you get a big lead, they start giving the AI players a multitude of 7s and knights! I just played a game where I was up 8 to 5 to 4, then the ridiculousness began! In 7 rolls, I was blocked 7 times and stolen from 5 times. I finally got the resources to win and yet the 5th 7 in 9 rolls! I had to discard resources! Next two rolls, the only number I don’t have and then the one they just blocked! Next roll, monopoly for the AI player that did have 4 points. They now have 6 victory points! One more turn. I get nothing and they go again, steal another resource and build two roads and win! They had three victory point development cards! When I took the 8-5-4 lead, there were 8 7s. When it ended, there were 18! They think it is a good feature... manipulation of the “card stack” to even up the game but it is maddening!

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    @AllenInSLC From the Almanac:

    Dice mode „card stack“

    Selecting this option will cause the dice rolls to be generated via a virtual stack of 36 cards that contain the possible dice results. The dice results will therefore be closer to the probability distribution which is expected after a significant number of dice rolls. In order to exclude the possibility of pre-calculating the dice results that remain in the stack, and to have some variance in this dice mode as well, the card stack is generated as follows: Two virtual card stacks containing 36 cards each are generated. The cards contain the dice results of 2 six-sided dice based on their probability. The following dice results are therefore included in each stack: 2=1x; 3=2x; 4=3x; 5=4x; 6=5x; 7=6x; 8=5x; 9=4x; 10=3x; 11=2x; 12=1x. In the next step, 18 cards are removed from each stack at random. The remaining cards are shuffled into a new 36-card stack. Now, this card stack is used for the game: At the beginning of each turn, when a player rolls the dice, a card from the deck is drawn and the dice result of the card is displayed. As soon as the last card from the stack has been drawn, the stack is reshuffled and used again in the next player’s turn.

    This is what has been implemented.

  • Hiya, so using 'dice mode card stack'
    means (amongst other things) there should be a max of two 2s (and two 12s) in the first 36 dice rolls. If I get more than two, something is not working properly, is that right?

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    @Dominionater no ... did your read what we wrote?

  • @Administrator why don’t you folks come clean and admit you alter the 7s based upon the point lead.? The game following the one that made me post... same thing, moderate number o 7s until I got a large lead and then 4 7s in 7 rolls and decimated me again! Fortunately this time it didn’t last for 20 rolls and I eventually got a somewhat normal distribution and won. It is not a coincidence! One game a month ago I got a large lead and told my wife and daughter to watch. Sure enough, just like I promised, the AI players got lik 7 sevens in the next 10 rolls and I was decimated. It is that dependable.

  • @Administrator yes I did 😄. If there's only 1 occurence of a 2 in a 36 card deck that implies a max of two in 2 decks doesn't it? There could therefore be zero, one or two 2s occurring from the first 36 plays, surely? Btw this is my 1st posting on here, I'm just trying to make sure I understand how things work 👍

  • @Administrator I don't think this is how it is actually implemented, at least for the deck turnover. I wish I could post images here... I have a screenshot of a game in which after 50 rolls, there had been ZERO 10s rolled. Based on what you describe, it sounds like this is possible if the 6x cards representing 10 get removed as part of the 36. Unlikely, but fine... it's possible. But if what you describe was true (that same deck getting reshuffled after 36 rolls, then 10 would NEVER be rolled, however in that particular game it was rolled once after I took the screenshot. If there were no 10s in the first 36 rolls, how were there 10s rolled in the second set of 36?

    I think the mechanics behind card stack are flawed... the old Catan app did it better and was closer to what the entire point of the card stack is... to get a relatively even distribution of die rolls through a game.

  • It is frustrating seeing how they manipulate the dice rolls to give the AI players all the resources and you get nothing. Rolling a number for more than 5 consecutive times when the system knows that you don't have the number is ridiculous. Love the game but it's not worth it to play this way. And the 7, where can you see a 7 rolled more than 5 times in a row. Come on guys, it's a great game but don't ruin it this way. Also the card stack doesn't work either, in the first 36 rolls you see the numbers that are not in the poisonous coming up over and over. Please make the game fair and more enjoyable, FIX IT!

  • Do you notice how the administrator did not respond to my assertion that it is not a pre-set sequence card stack? That is because it is not. No doubt. After hundreds of games it is blatantly obvious. I admit that it is close to a standard distribution over e game... except for the manipulation after a player has a substantial lead. Then it is clear manipulation.

  • I'm new here, how do I create a new thread? Can't see an option in the menu.

  • @matted I agree with your analysis. I suspect that what actually happens is that after 36 cards are played, a new 36 card deck is created 'from scratch'. That would make more sense, explain what you experienced & reduce scope for predicting future dice 'rolls'.

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