Auto selects maritime trade instead of player trade

  • I updated tonight. When I select trade, it automatically goes to maritime trade, I have to click the button to go to player trade. Since I am not in this habit, I accidentally traded 4:1 three times during my game tonight. Can’t say that this cost me the game, but it sure hurt. My elo took a huge hit for a loss when I had 7 points towards the 10 required to win. Why? Why auto select maritime trade???

  • Same thing happened to me. Took about 5 games before I didn't get caught out. What a pointless change. Why not have the option to set which you prefer as default.

  • Yeah, cost me a couple of times. I have played for months and so I just tap! I don’t think it was intentional. This is quite typical of this app. It is called a regression and it happens to development teams who have poor testing, poor quality control and no regression testing.

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