Profile User Issue following Android Upgrade and Recent CATAN Universe Upgrade

  • Catan Universe recently patched on a Chromebook that I have. My son and I play CATAN with his access being on a Samsung Tablet under a profiled user. When the Chromebook code was updated, his tablet required an upgrade to join a multiplayer with me. While trying to get the CATAN app to upgrade the Android on the tablet required an upgrade.

    Following all these events, CATAN will start for the administrative user of the tablet, but it will not work for a profile user. When he launches it, the black screen with the clocking CATAN icon/logo shows up, but it just keeps spnning. It never even gets to the screen with the other product name logos.

    I've tried all of the following at both the profile'd user account and the tablet owner/administrator account:

    • Remove app and reinstall.
    • Erase all data from the app (clear cache and clear all data).
    • Rebooting between all of the above.
    • Deleting and recreating the profile.
    • Combinations of all of the above.

    I believe there is some bug in the new code that doesnt' take into consideration how a profile on a tablet functions.


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