2.2.1 Trade screen default defaults to bank instead of player

  • when opening the trade screen, it opens in bank mode instead of player mode as it did previously. Trades with other players already require more clicks than trades with the bank. This change / bug makes it even slower to trade with players.

  • This appears to be an intentional change, not a defect. It appeared in v2.2.0, along with support for the 5-6 player variant. My guess is that there is a connection:

    I'm guessing, but it may be that when they introduced the Settler 2 turn for the 5-6 player variant, which allows bank trading, they had to disable the buttons on the trade screen that let you select player vs. bank trading. But, with the buttons disabled, you were defaulted to player trading, which is not allowed. Their solution was to change the default to bank trading. It seems a bit of a lazy solution, but maybe the code change the other way was too complex.

    After having played this for a few games, it is less convenient than the prior default. We should provide feedback in the non-defect forums requesting that this change should be reversed.

    --- Dev Rossik

  • Intentional or not. It is absolutely ridiculous and yet another hack! It needs to be changed ASAP.

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