Trades Default to Maritime

  • I played tonight after updating to the latest version dropped today. Whenever we initiated a trade the screen defaulted to Maritime trades rather than Individual. This is the inverse of how it used to default. I prefer the Individual default. OS: IOS 14.4.1.

  • None of my Catan Universe friends like the new default of Maritime Trading and have all accidently made 4-to-1 trades when they intended to make a trade offer to other players. Please add an option to set your default trade as Maritime or Player.

  • My wife and I hate this big time! Wasted a bunch of time in settings trying to reverse it. I thought somehow I did it. 😡

  • @PogoPossum yep, Ridiculous and yet not a word from them about whether they acknowledge the problem or plan to fix it! Typical. It seems they don’t test their new releases. What’s more, the message they’re sending is... once we get your initial payment, we don’t care about keeping your experience enjoyable.

  • @PogoPossum agree, it has costed me lots of resources also

  • I'm quite relieved to no longer be experiencing Default Maritime Trade, so I would like to thank whoever made Catan play "normally" again. Thank you very very much for reversing the default back to Player Trade!

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