AI not distributing resources

  • since the last update when playing the game Catan Universe on my IPAD, when dice is rolled and it hits my numbers the resources let's say are 3 and I have 1, when the AI distributes the resources its shows some coming to me buy the count remains the same as 1. This happens for all resources and no matter what number of resource I may have the count is not updated.


  • Hey, I have the same problem. I was really into Catan on my phone, but then this error happened and playing has become impossible - I get irritated because even though I get resources, they don't make it to my 'resource menu" and I can't compete with other players.

    Some help on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • same problem here since two weeks ago, tried to reinstall/login, logout, but no result so far.

  • Are you sure that you didn't receive the resources? We have an issue with animation settings that causes the distribution animation to play while or after the resources have been added to players' hands. This looks confusing as seemingly nothing was added, but indeed it had already been added at the time of the dice roll but before the distribution animation.

    This animation timing issue has been fixed in the latest internal build and will be included in the next update.